Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dear Henry - 2 Years

Dear Henry,

You are two.

One day I woke up and my little boy was gone.  This giant kid was in his place.  Your gangly, awkward baby body was filled out by this solid, tall big boy body.  Like, overnight you learned out to speak in complete sentences and your vocabulary increased by like 125% and then came the moment that your dad and I were sitting on the couch and you said “Be right back, kay?” as you ran down the hall to your room and we just stared at each other with our mouths open because – how did you even know to say that?  How did you know what that means?  How did you use those words correctly?  How did you get so old, so soon?

Two is going to be interesting.  Right now you are the best and the worst of us.  Half the time my heart is so full of you it wants to scream out to the world that I have the kindest, sweetest, most brilliant boy on the planet.  The other half of the time you are pushing my buttons over and over and over again and then staring at me perplexed when my voice inevitably rises and I snap something at you that I immediately regret.  I assure you, my sweet boy, that “what I’m doing” doesn’t change that much in 30 second intervals so you can probably switch up to asking me every 5 minutes or so instead.  This may go a long way towards keeping my voice level.

Your personality is in full bloom.  You love (love LOVE) trucks, and tractors, and buses.  When we’re in the car, you point them out wherever you go.  You even point out “daddy’s truck” parked at an apartment on our way to daycare.  Luckily for everyone, it’s not really daddy’s truck, but is the same make and model – so you’re definitely paying attention.  Your imagination has taken off as well.  We have to give you nebulizer treatments from time to time and you HATE them.  So now, if you sit through one like a big boy, we give you an M&M as a reward.  The other day you were running around the house with your neb mask on and then a few minutes later you took it off and asked for an M&M.  We told you that you don’t get M&M’s for pretending to take your medicine, so you ran to the kitchen and got yourself a pretend M&M and pretend ate it. 

You keep us laughing.  You have a crazy sense of humor and an infectious laugh.  You love to dance and play with Daisy and – for the past month you have become increasingly more enamoured of your little sister.  At first you weren't so sure.  You thought she belonged to your aunt Sara and you couldn’t figure out why Sara wasn’t taking care of her baby.  You eventually realized that she’s here to stay and now you refer to her as “my baby” and she’s the first thing you run to when you come home at the end of the day.  You’re a little jealous of her, and if one of us is holing her, you usually want to get in on that action some how.  That’s usually when you want to “nuggle” or want us to play with you or something.  But you’re a pretty good sport and we try to let you get close and be part of our baby activities because it’s not meant to leave you out.  You are a part of everything we do.  And whatever we can do to make you not hate or resent your little sister, we’ll try to do that.  So far, so good – mostly.

I'm excited to see what two brings.  So far you are EVERYTHING that we expected two to be.  75% angel and 25% devil.  You're mischevious and sly but eager to please and playful.  You're a terrible mooch.  Your dad made the comment the other day that unattended food is safer with the dog than it is with you.  I sat down with a bowl of cereal the other day and your little eyes perked up and you shouted "I GET A FORK!" -- you then ran right into the kitchen, grabbed a fork, ran back and plunked it right into my cereal.  You learned a valuable lesson about eating cereal with a fork that day (it doesn't work) and I learned that as long as you are in the room, nothing is sacred.  (P.S.  You pronounce "fork" as "foyke" and it is the cutest thing ever).

I am trying to write monthly blogs for your sister - so maybe I will do better at keeping up with you in year two.  I'm sure there are things we will not want to forget.  You're turning into this amazing little person faster than we even recognize sometimes.  

We love you to pieces.

Love and kisses all over,


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