Monday, April 30, 2012


I've written about bullying before.  Other people have written about it better.  I don't really have anything new to say about it, other than that it hit closer to home in our community this past weekend and my heart aches for the little girl whose life was interrupted, and her family who are left to wonder how something like this could happen.

How does something like this happen?  How can we keep our kids safe?  How do we teach our children that each and every single person on this planet is sacred.  We are all beautiful and worthy of love and even if we don't particularly like each other, it is our duty to treat each other with care, dignity and a very basic level of kindness.  Where are we going wrong with this?

Kids are just kids, sure.  And boys will be boys and teenage girls are just mean.  Sure.  But it is our job to teach them how to control those impulses, how to have healthy relationships with their peers, how to respect themselves and how that self respect carries over into a respect for others. 

One of the posts on Facebook related to this was a call to action for parents.  Get involved.  Children don't need that much privacy.  Parents should know - as much as they possibly can know - what's going on with their children, how they're treating others and how others are treating them.  These are the smallest things we, as parents (and future parents) can do - we can be present. 

I'm at a complete loss.  I didn't know this little girl, and I don't know her family but I am crushed that she was hurting so much and didn't know what to do with all that pain.  How do you explain to a thirteen year old that this is as bad as it's ever going to get.  Hold on for five more years.  This is just a blip in time and the whole rest of your life is going to be different than this.  It's impossible to conceptualize that at that age, it's impossible to see through that much pain.  How do you reach those who bully to let them know that they've gone too far before they go past the point of no return?  How do you teach these kids that words matter - they leave scars and bruises just as painful as any physical beating.

Words matter.
How we treat each other matters.

If there is one lesson I hope to teach our future children, above all others, it is that.

R.I.P, Rachel.  I didn't have the honor of knowing you, but you were a beautiful gift to this world. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yup, We are Still here!!!!

       So, I know its been awhile since there has been a blog update of any sort so for that I say I'm sorry.  Life has just gotten busy and then the next thing ya know I look and wow, the last entry was the end of March.  So, time to get everyone caught up on whats been happening.

       Well, as you all know by now, I am in the world of the employed once more.  I was hired into the Outpatient Operations Support Training ( OOST for short) program.  What it all boils down to is it is 8 weeks of training filled with alot of hands on training and classroom training to become what is known as a Clinical Assistant at Mayo.  In case you have never been to Mayo, we are the first people you see when you check into your appointments at Mayo, we are also the ones who may bring you back to your rooms before the doctor comes to see you, we also take record vitals  ( my instructors should get a kick out of that), and we could also be the people you see when you leave your appointment and have to schedule follow up appointments. 

       So getting into this program is also a HUGE deal as well.  From what I have heard from my instructors, there were close to 400 applicants there were only 34 that were chosen for the program.  So upon hearing that was the first shock to the system of many to come. The 2nd shock was probably at the end of our 2 day Mayo Clinic Orientation when we were handed this thick binder that had all sorts of schedules and other things in it.  I took it home with me that night and started reading through it and as I did, the only thing I could say was "What have I gotten myself into?"  So after becoming totally freaked out, Shell finally grabbed the binder from me and said " Quit freaking yourself out over this!!"  So from that moment I decided to take everything on a day to day basis.  And let me tell you, this has been beyond amazing. 

       I wont mention the names of my instructors but all I have to say is what an amazing group of people they are.  I have never seen such a group that is able to come together as one unit and basically teach people how to work with patients in such a professional and respectful way in just 8 weeks. One other thing I must say about my instructors is not only do they make the learning fun and very interactive, they actually have your back and keep us in the loop as to whats happening.  Again, this is something totally new to me so to actually hear them say it and then actually follow through on what they said they were going to do is AWESOME!!!  I can truly and honestly say that this is probably the first job I have had where I wake up in the morning and want to go to work.......And the thing is THIS is just training so far!!!!  So, as you can tell, I do believe the wait was worth it even though a couple times during my unemployment I thought I was gonna have a break down.  Life is certainly good on the job front.

        Also, we finally got the first steps of painting the nursery done with......I believe shell still has a few dots to add to the wall but otherwise we are ready when Baby Suhr is ready for us.  We even got the dresser, changing table, and rocker in the room as well.  Last week we also had our first meeting with our new Adoption worker Salena which I think went well.  We ended up meeting at Mac's Cafe for a lunch meeting since I had a 1 hr lunch that day.  It was pretty much a "Getting to know you" kind of meeting but I personally feel from the meeting we should be in good hands again.  We are also doing our background checks and all the paper work again now because it has been 1 year since we started this journey so that been a blast to fill that all out again.......Good thing its only once a year :-)

       Well, that's just kind of an overview of whats been happening with us.  Now that we are getting back into the habit of me having a work schedule and all, the blogs should start flowing again.  So I shall end this blog tonight with how I used to end them before.........With funny pictures!!!!