Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dear Addy - 3 Month

Dear Addy,

Well, second child syndrome has clearly set in.  I missed your two month letter.  I’m sorry.  The truth of the matter is that I’m not entirely sure there were a lot of memorable things that happened in your second month.  I think it was harder.  Way harder than the first month and by FAR harder than your third month.  It’s possible that I have blocked some things out.  So let’s just say that in your second month you were unbearably cute and you cried a lot.  Your mom handled it gracefully, never losing her cool and always maintaining a loving, gentle composure.  This is how we will choose to remember month two. 

So – happy three month birthday Addy Rose!  On this, the actual occasion of your three month birthday you have a terrible cold.  You are cranky and irritable when awake, but you’re sleeping a lot and eating and drinking and weathering the cold in much the same manner I would; grumbling and whining but persevering nonetheless.

You started daycare a little over a week ago and just like your brother, that has made a WORLD of difference.  Overnight you became a different baby.  While I was home with you you took approximately 75 naps a day, each one approximately 45 minute in duration.  Now you apparently take 2.5 naps a day and – most importantly – you sleep through the night.  YOU.  SLEEP.  THROUGH.  THE.  NIGHT.  I don’t even want to throw that out into the universe because I’m afraid to jinx it but your Aunt Mary has a lot of witchcraft up her sleeve and she, so far, has turned you into a happy, content baby who sleeps through the night.  Here’s the thing – you have a baby and you barely survive the sleepless nights and then somehow all of those memories are erased from your brain.  So you have a second baby and you vaguely remember that the first couple months are hard, but you can’t specifically remember how they turned you into a crazy zombie lady the first time around.  This is how mother nature has ensured survival of the species.  But I think there should be a celebration to mark the occasion when your baby starts sleeping through the night because it is at this point where I turn into a mom and not a crazy zombie lady who may or may not be fit to be responsible for your survival. 

Anyway, disregard all that.  Just remember that I was always gentle and composed and showered and cooked wholesome meals from scratch for my family.  The whole time. 

Early signs indicate that you are in love with your brother.  The feeling, so far, is mutual.  If we put you on the floor (which is your favorite place to be), he will inevitably roll one of his big trucks up next to you, show you a video he’s watching on my phone, or sometimes read you a book.  You gaze at him adoringly and wiggle your whole body.  I don’t know how long this mutual adoration will last.  Probably only until you are old enough to steal Henry’s toys.  I’m going to enjoy this for however long I get it though, because it is adorable.

Daisy also adores you.  I think she gives us a silent plea every night to please stop making more little people, but the little people who cannot jump on her or try to ride her are infinitely preferable to – well, you know.  She still loves your brother, but she’s very wary of him.  She’s protective of you.  When you cry, she runs over and sits on my foot.  When I give you your bottle right before bedtime, she sits in the dark room with us until I shoo her out.  We’re so lucky to have a dog that also acts as a nanny, even if occasionally she tries to sit on your head. 

Like your brother, we have a bunch of nicknames for you already.  You are most often Addy Rose, but I also call you Rosie a lot.  And Bubs which is a mutation of baby to bubby and then bubby to bubs.  I'm sure it won't end here.  It's a miracle your brother even knows what his real name is - and I'm sure your fate will be similar.  

You are my sweet, beautiful girl.  Now that I’m back at work, I know that time is going to fly by and you are going to get so big so fast.  I’m looking forward to learning your personality and watching you grow.  You are the final piece in our family puzzle and my heart overflows sometimes when I see how the whole thing has come together.  Five years ago, I never could have imagined we’d be in this place.  Our lives took a direction we never expected and it’s so much more than we ever wished for.  You are the answer to a prayer, a dream come true, and we will cherish you forever.

Love and kisses all over,


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